This page is working with our Capturing Kids Hearts Program. This is a space for sixth graders to write something good that is going on in their lives. Other students can reply to any posts. On any entry, you must put your first name. This way, we will be able to tell who thee good things are and who replied to the original post.
Remember if in doubt, Keep it out!

Hilary, Monday June 6, 2008- Getting our pool put in!
-- Lucky You! --Mr. Halpainy

Patrick May/27/ 2008 - Last Friday I went to my first Chicago Cubs Game. And the Cubs won
-- My wife's gradparents would be jealous... they love the cubs... GO YANKEES!!!-- Mr. Halpainy

Alex Myers - My Uncle Carl and his X - girlfriend had a baby! They named him Xayn Riley Austin and his last name is being changed to Sanford, So Xayn Riley Sanford! He was born on Wednesday the 21st of June!
-- that is great news!!! - Mr. Halpainy

Hey mr. halpiany my dad and i ripped down our garage last week end it was pretty fun and then at the
end of the day we took tyler to the movies!!!

-- That saounds like a lot of fun... Doing things with family is always a great time!!!
Not so fun when your the nail pickeruper!!!!!!!
-- It could be worse!!! There are definatly worse jobs than that!