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WELCOME to My Wiki!!!
Mr. Halpainy Room 86

This is a wiki for a sixth grade science and reading class at Randolph Central School. We are a smaller school located in western New York. You can visit our classroom website at http://www.randolphcsd.org/webpages/jhalpainy.

You can also visit our school site at http://www.randolphcsd.org.

Read Mrs. Moritz's blog here: http://ghsprincipal.edublogs.org/

Homework Helper: http://bcs.caboces.org/rcs6

Moodle: http://www2.caboces.org/moodlesummer/

At Randolph Central we have a PBIS Honor Code, to see what that is about visit us at www.randolphpbis.wikispaces.com

In our science wikis, we are adding information as we learn about the different units. Our goal is to have an interactive wiki that contains various forms of media.

You may also want to check out our reading wiki. This will show you the books we have read and are currently reading.

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See our Teacher Tube Videos